Painting Mediums, Gels & Grounds

We carry a wide range of painting mediums, gels and grounds for use with Acrylics Oils and Watercolours from a range of manufacturers. Click on the image or logo below to view the range and learn more about each product and it’s properties:

Langridge Oil Mediums







Atelier Mediums for Acrylic Painting





Liquitex Varnishes for Acrylics






Art Spectrum Mediums for Oil Painting, Masking Fluid for Watercolours, Shellac Flakes









Chroma Mediums for Oil Painting – Archival & Chroma solvent based varnishes


Winsor & Newton Mediums for Watercolours

Range of Masking Fluids for Watercolours

Schmincke Medium W for Oils

Micador Spray Adhesives, Picture Varnishes (Matte, Satin, Gloss), Crystal Clear, Fixative Workable Matt

Krylon sprays – Preserve It, UV Archival

Bulls Eye – Shellac spray











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