Gallery Wrap

Gallery Wrap

What is a Gallery Wrap? Stretching canvases that have already been painted or printed is another area in which our stretching team specializes and offers a wealth of experience. Whilst much of the process is similar to stretching a blank canvas, cutting the frame to exactly the right size and aligning the artwork correctly is critical to achieve a professional gallery ready end result.

Original Artwork on Linen Stretched after painting

Original Artwork on Linen Stretched after painting

Our skilled team stretch original artwork for a wealth of well known artists and you can rest assured your work will receive 1st class treatment.

Painted canvases of any size can be stretched and as standard we stretch the canvas right around the bar and staple from the back a technique often referred to as a ‘Gallery Wrap’.

We have particular expertise in stretching indigenous works which can often be slightly out of square and require special skills to get a first class result.


large Indigenous piece stretched and ready to hang

large Indigenous piece stretched and ready to hang


If the nature of your artwork prevents this for some reason (ie it is painted to the very edge of the canvas and there is insufficient’spare’ canvas to do an effective wrap) we will discuss alternative options with you.

Once stretched all our canvases blank or painted are presented fully taped and strung and ready to hang or frame.







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Stretching Giclee Prints and photography on Canvas

The principals for stretching Giclee prints or photographs on canvas are much the same as for original artwork as a Gallery Wrap. Most printers will put a ‘bleed’ on the print or a colored border around the print to facilitate a gallery wrap but it is wise to discuss this with your printer at the time.

A mirror bleed is a line around the print where the last 30-40mm of the print is reversed and printed again, this allows the image to be stretched around the stretcher bar givGallery Wrap - Printing the impression that the image goes around the edge of the finished piece, this can be very effective and allows the print to be hung without the need for framing, this is a contemporary look which has become more popular over recent years.

The alternative is for the printer to leave a 30-40mm border of colour around the print, in the same way this is stretched around the stretcher bar and gives the finished item a clean edge of a colour that suits the artwork, prints done in this ay can also be hung as they are but often look better framed. A simple ‘Float’ frame is often a good solution for these types of prints.

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Stretching fabrics, silks and Tapestries

Using similar principals and techniques, Highly Strung can stretch a wide range of fabrics. Our team is very experienced in understanding the amount of tension, size of stretcher bar and amount of bracing required for a wide range of fabrics and we would be very happy to discuss options for presenting your fabric, silk or tapestry in the most appropriate way.

Gallery Wrap - Blank canvas


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