Custom Canvases More Affordable Than You Think

Custom Canvases are More Affordable Than You Think

Having trouble finding the right size and canvas combination?

Can find the right size but not in the right canvas type or quality? No worries we can help – and with affordable prices that are less than you might expect. Because we haven’t passed on all of the price increases some of our custom jobs actually cost less than equivalents in ready-made. You can choose from a range of canvas and linen weights, as well as poly-cotton for a super smooth surface

Not sure if the Customer might want to frame your commissioned artwork?

For just a bit extra, you can put your canvas on stretcher bar that is 20mm high x 70mm wide. It still has the strength the 38 x 38mm usually used but allows Customers to choose from not just Float Frames, but also the majority of traditional style frames. They’ll appreciate having the choice!**(size limits do apply – but it costs nothing to ask 🙂

Custom Canvas with Custom Float Frame Combinations

We have some customers who order the great value combination of Custom Canvases AND Custom Float Frame at the same time and have them shipped to their location. They then unscrew the frame, paint the artwork and then put it back together ready for hanging or selling! We have nearly 70 different Float Frames to choose from, so will have something to suit your style.

Looking for a Different Style of Canvas?

We have a unique profile that allows you to paint right to the edge, over a gentle curve, with no pleats or folds. Try our modern profile….

modern profile canvas








Or Do You Need Wood Painting Panels Instead of Canvas?

We can make up an art surface that is ply instead of canvas for those heavier jobs like resin, or just because you love to see the underlying timber finish. The braced back ensures no warping and makes for easy hanging. These wood painting panels do not need priming, however you can use any gesso to prime the surface. Suitable for all media.

The commercial versions of these only come in small sizes that are not usually large enough for the professional.


We package custom canvases to minimise costs and use a local courier for the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and TNT for further afield.