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Quality & Affordability worth waiting for!

Highly Strung has established an excellent reputation on the Sunshine Coast and right across Queensland for providing the highest quality and best value custom picture framing services.  We have been serving the public,  Artists, Galleries, Photographers, Designers and Dealers for over 20 years from our outlet and workshop in Noosaville (previously at Eumundi) on the Sunshine Coast.

We are pleased to provide free consultation and advice to every customer and if you are stuck for inspiration, our experienced in store team can offer suggestions on framing options and styles to suit every budget.

We are always happy to help with your framing requirements whether it be a special photograph, Grandfathers war medals or an exhibition of many works in Australia or overseas and we are not happy unless you are delighted!



What Makes ‘Highly Strung’ Different?

In most towns and cities, there are many picture framers to choose from and the ability to join four pieces of timber neatly and accurately into a ‘frame’ is a skill that most, if not all should be able to offer, however not all picture framers are the same.

There are several key aspects that make Highly Strung different from other Picture Framers:

1. Mounting – Our ability to mount your piece large or small correctly in the first instance and offer guidance and advice on this most important aspect of the framing process.

2.The Highest Quality Workmanship & Our attention to every conceivable detail.

3. Design advice and guidance – we will help as much or a little as you wish.

4. Our commitment to Customer Service and ensuring every client is delighted with the work we do

5. Pricing – Top quality doesn’t mean expensive, we regularly compare our prices to the other framers far and wide and we are confident that we will not be beaten on price.

Mounting your artwork correctly, whether it be a large high end, high gloss piece of photography, an original watercolour, oil or acrylic painting,  a silk or tapestry, a prized sporting jersey or simply a poster is what makes the difference between a stunning result that will enhance your piece, protect it for the long term and look amazing on your wall and a piece that will ‘bow, crinkle or warp’ over time, start to ‘tarnish’ or attract mould and likely do considerable damage to your artwork or memorabilia.

Our mounting expert will ensure that the correct products and techniques are used to mount your piece so that your artwork remains beautifully presented for years to come.  

Attention to detail is also a critical factor when mounting and framing, cropping the image correctly, appropriate sized mat borders with the correct bevel, effective pastel traps, archival hinging tapes, rebate tape, flexi-puttys, fitting the correct hanging fixings for the piece, using the best quality acid free materials and sealing effectively with the right tape are just a few examples of details that may not be obvious to the untrained eye but make a big difference to the protection and longevity of the framed piece. At Highly Strung we are obsessive about these details and our customers never need to worry about best practice being employed in the framing process.

The Design process can be a little daunting for some customers with so much choice available whilst others have a very clear idea of how they would like the finished piece to look. At Highly Strung we are pleased to offer as much or a little help with design as you would like. Our design team can offer a wealth of ideas to suit your artwork and compliment your decor.

Customer Care:  We are all customers of one business or another and we completely understand how customer care can influence the decisions we make when selecting service providers, shops or tradespeople. We rely on our reputation and repeat business from our clients and we are not happy unless you are delighted, not only with what we do but how we interact with you and how we add value to the services we offer.

If you are happy with what we do for your, please tell others but if for any reason you are not happy please tell us. We firmly believe “Art is a Passion and so is Service” 

Highly Strung has been framing artwork for discerning Galleries, Artists & Dealers across Australia for 20 years.

We offer a completely free consultation and advice service to every single customer in which we will explain exactly what the options are for your artwork and associated costs or each option – and of course we can join the four pieces of wood around the outside beautifully as well!

We never wish to be the ‘cheapest’ framer but we guarantee we are the best value for money framer you will find – Experience the difference and find out why Galleries and Artists return to Highly Strung time and again.

Custom Framing Costs FAQ

“Why can’t you give me a quote over the phone for the cost to frame a picture?”

The price for a custom frame really depends on a number of different things, such as what style of framing you might like, what size you wanted to make it, what type of matboards you may want, and even what type of glass you might want.The choices and combinations are virtually limitless and often customers use framing terms and colours incorrectly resulting in miscommunication.

Most people find they can get a better idea of what they want when they bring it in. After that, we can work out some different options and prices for you to compare.

“Why do small frames cost so much?”

The majority of the labour is the same for small and larger jobs, from the consultation, ordering and follow-up, selecting, cutting and joining and managing the billing paperwork just to name a few tasks.


“Why are ready-made frames so much cheaper than custom-made ones?”

Ready-made frames are frequently made in large factories with cheap labour (eg: China) and framing materials are often synthetic which is not made to last, corners are not filled (gaps sometimes visible), hangers are often stapled onto the frame (this wears through and breaks eventually), and some even have acetate rather than glass. Also, you are not paying for any consultation time, retail space, individual ordering and managing the billing paperwork due to them being made in bulk.


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