$1 Delivery to Gympie for Art Supplies

Nowhere to buy professional art supplies in Gympie? No worries!!
$1^ per Item Delivered to Southside Shop

1. Just send us an email with your shopping list, and mobile phone number!!
2. We will let you know the prices* and availability and send back an invoice
3. Either call and pay by phone or use the invoice to make a direct credit (slower process)
4. Your goodies will be delivered to the Southside Shop***, 48 Exhibition Rd, Southside (near the intersection with Ramsey Rd).
5. We will send you an SMS to advise when they have been delivered.
6. Go to the Shop (opens early and closes late – 7 days) and see Lyle & Barb, show ID and pay $1 per parcel to collect

*Spend $500 between July and June and receive a 10% Loyalty Card for the rest of the year’s purchases (art supplies only)
*Ask about bulk prices
*** Large canvases may be delayed due to the need for a larger vehicle 🙂
^ Art supplies only