New Owner

This week sees the end of my first month as the new owner of Highly Strung. Already I have met a lot of lovely people and am excited by all the new things available in the picture framing and art supplies world.

Last week we had a visit from Stefano Maffei, joining us from Italy, the home of Bellini Fine Moulding. Bellini has a stunning collection of unique hand finished, Italian made, picture frame moulding and photo frames.  Bellini represents the embodiment of a vision.  Sourcing only from the most gifted craftsmen, third and fourth generation artisans, embracing traditional ideals and skills to produce the most desirable and dynamic collection of moulding.  Each Bellini design is individually sculpted utilising techniques unchanged by centuries, delivering a product of the utmost quality and beauty.

We were able to view the latest lines in mouldings, varying from cross hatched rose gold, gold and true silver mouldings, a range of museum quality designs guaranteed to match the looks of designs from centuries ago, and also a range of woven timber that would be at home in a home furnished with Balinese or Indian pieces.

Drop in and say hi – we’d love to show you just how great these mouldings will look on your artwork or in custom made mirrors.

Cheers, Sue