Langridge Artists Oil Colours

Langridge Professional Oil Colour is a high performance professional artists’ grade oil paint developed to excel in saturation of colour and physical handling qualities. Hand-made at their Melbourne factory, they look and feel different because they are different.

Langridge Oil Paints

Their paint is made by triple-roll mill in batches no larger than 20 litres, which allows them total control throughout production. Multiple passes of the oil paint through the mill creates an oil paint with the strongest ‘colour-development’ possible. The paints are repeatedly run on the triple roll mill at ever finer grinds to fully disperse the individual particles of pigment in the lowest possible quantity of drying oil ensuring the most pure, bright and saturated artists’ paints available. Inorganic colours are passed through the mill a minimum of 3 times, organic colours are passed through the mill up to 7 times before we consider them ready. They grind their paints more times than other manufacturers, because do not use additives, such as stearates or waxes that, whilst making paint easier to grind, reduce pigment loading and the structural integrity of the paint. Langridge oil paints are highly intense, enabling artists to extend the paint, if desired, and to facilitate exceptional clean mixes when blended together.

All colours are made without modifiers, opacifiers, fillers and anything that may interfere with the clarity and true brightness of the pigment. Langridge oil paints include a stabilizer of fumed silica that has been added in extremely minimal quantities and does not diminish the individual effects of pigments in oil. Its inclusion in the formulation is to prevent over-hardening of certain colours such as the cadmiums or excessive oil/pigment separation in-tube over extended periods of storage.

Langridge Oil Paints


Adulterants and modifiers are well known by conservation scientists to dramatically weaken the paint film’s integrity. Artists can be confident that Langridge Professional Oil Colours will age with the minimum possible alteration in colour, flexibilty or adhesion.

Because the colours have not been adulterated the true individual nature of each pigment has not been masked. Some colours, such as the oxides will be soft and brush out easily whilst modern organic phthalos will be stiff. Other colours may be buttery, slippery, sticky or clotted.

The resulting range of paints has the fullest chromatic strength, intense tinting power, excellent lightfastness qualities and extremely clean colour-mixing potential on the palette.

Check the colours at Langridge Colours

We stock a full range of 40ml tubes, many of the 110ml tubes and are able to order up to 4 litres.

Back in March 2019 Langridge Oils put out an ART BULLETIN
Information for Contemporary Artists telling us that they would be
changing their formulations of all oil paints that contain ZINC.Up until our last order we have been able to still supply colours that contained zinc but new stock is coming in as the new formula.If you are part way through a piece and need supplies to finish we have the following:

  • Titanium/ZInc White – 40mls
  • Zinc Yellow – 40mls & 110mls
  • Zinc Blue – 40mls & 110mls
If you are interested in the formula changes and the science behind the changes please check the information supplied by Langridge

Langridge Art Bulletin



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