Picture Framing Gympie

Framing is a great way to preserve your pictures and artwork. It also helps in exhibiting them proudly. Whether you are an artist, a photographer, or simply a person who wants to display some of his sweet moments in his home or office; you require picture framing services and who would be a better choice than Highly Strung! We are only a short drive away. Visit the markets and make a day of it.

We are highly experienced art lovers who have more than 20 years of experience in framing pictures, artwork, certificates, and almost anything that you want to preserve and showcase. You name it and we have framed it. Our frames have provided the best possible displays to paintings and pictures. Check out our work gallery to see some examples of our recent work and we are sure you would be able to choose us confidently. Should you require any references, contact us and we would love to share our list of happy and repeat customers, who have been with us for years.

We create our own frames using the best quality machinery available in the market. We have a well-equipped workshop that consists of high end tools required for giving the perfect touches to our picture framing services. No matter what cut and what design you are looking for, we would be able to produce a frame that will meet your exact specifications. We use the best quality wood to design our frames. We have tied up with most reliable and renowned suppliers who have constantly delivered the quality that we and our customers look for. The advanced machinery that we have helps us design frames quickly while maintaining the quality standards.

Apart from having a well equipped workshop, we also have worked hard to create a team that is able to frame almost anything and with utmost care. No wrinkling, no bending; our picture framing services are absolutely perfect. Your pictures will stay as such for years. This is easier said than done. If not framed professionally, your picture will start rolling up and will start looking wrinkled in a few years. If you don’t want this to happen to your expensive artwork or an extremely memorable picture, choose professional framing services such as the ones offered by Highly Strung.

Apart from standard framing, we also offer conservation framing services that are especially helpful for conserving and not merely displaying something precious such as an antique artwork or a memorabilia. We use completely acid-free frames, so be assured that your picture will not look yellowish within a few years.

If you are looking for affordable picture framing services, choose us.

What does it cost to frame a picture?
The price for a custom frame really depends on a number of different things, such as what style of framing you might like, what size you wanted to make it, what type of matboards you may want, and even what type of glass you might want. The choices and combinations are virtually limitless. We have also found that 99% of customers do not select what they originally thought would work. Most people find they can get a better idea of what they want when they bring it in. After that, we can work out some different options and prices for you to compare, so please bring your piece in for a free quote.