Picture Framing Sunshine Coast

Highly Strung offers high quality picture framing  services at the Sunshine Coast at very affordable prices.  To get your picture framed, simply bring it to our workshop or send it to us through post. We will create the perfect frame so that you can display it proudly. If you want to preserve it for years, talk to us about our conservation framing services.

We have an extensive range of frames and matboards that you can choose as per your preferences and budget. No matter which one you choose, be assured that you will always get quality products. Our frames are assembled using the high-tech tools that we have in our warehouse. They are made of best quality pine wood that we source from our trusted vendors. We handpick each material and therefore, can guarantee you the quality of picture framing  services that you are expecting. The frames are designed in-house by our highly creative team that can meet your expectations well. We use latest technologies to ensure that your precious artwork is framed perfectly and cherished for years.

We can advise you on:

  • The best way to frame your picture within your budget.
  • The most elegant frame that will suit your artwork.
  • Selecting the matboard that will best complement the frame.
  • We can also guide you if you should choose conservation framing or not.

We deliver perfection

We are full Members of the Picture Framers Guild of Australia, which means we are committed to upholding the Standards of the Guild and will provide our customers with educated advice, inspired designs and quality framing. Having more than 20 years of experience, we can frame almost any picture or artwork and within any feasible deadline. We guarantee you quality services. If you are not confident about choosing us, ask us for references. We would love to share the details of some of our regular clients. From artists and photographers to businesses and individuals; we have thousands of happy clients with us.

Apart from picture framing, we also offer a wide variety of canvas stretching services along with high quality art materials such as acrylic and oil paints, watercolours, pastels colours, and much more. Whatever you shop, do expect a good discount from us.

What does it cost to frame a picture?
The price for a custom frame really depends on a number of different things, such as what style of framing you might like, what size you wanted to make it, what type of matboards you may want, and even what type of glass you might want. The choices and combinations are virtually limitless. We have also found that 99% of customers do not select what they originally thought would work. Most people find they can get a better idea of what they want when they bring it in. After that, we can work out some different options and prices for you to compare, so please bring your piece in for a free quote.