Itty Bitty Birds Workshop


Itty Bitty Birds 1/2 day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome!




After years of Sketching in Australia, Italy, France, the Greek Islands Europe and South America she will share her discoveries and help you understand techniques and material options.

Ever spent time watching little birds go about their business?

It’s about the easiest lesson in mindfulness. We hear them in the mornings, see them flit around the bush…now lets take the time to draw & paint these precious wee ones!
In this workshop artist and illustrator Carolyn Sheather will familiarise you with the world of these efficient and effective little creatures…

This Workshop is perfect for all levels of experience…

She’ll start with reference material, simple drawing techniques then march into painting or colouring images, you’ll be delighted! Take home a bit of heaven today! Watersoluble Mediums & Pencils!







Materials List

  • A Sketchbook, or loose watercolour sheets or a pad, A5 or A4, 150 gsm or plus (paper weight)
  • Water Colour Paints, (tubes or pans) in a Travel Set with a Palette (or a separate mixing palettes)
  • Water Containers (and a small spray bottle can be handy)
  • Water Colour brushes – Round- size 6 &10 Flat- size 8 (just under 1/2”)
  • Pencils – Water Colour or Coloured, a set with some neutrals is best for this subject
  • Drawing pencil, eraser (pencil and kneadable are handy)
  • A Permanent Black 9or Grey) Pen for details that won’t smear and a white Uni-ball Signo Pen for adding highlights and making small corrections can come in useful as well.

Bring what you have…the whole KIT is safer 🙂 but whatever you don’t have…I’m sure we can sort it!
Remember the Essentials: Paper towel, colour wheel, test paper and an attitude for an Art Adventure


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