Travel Sketching Workshop


Travel Sketching 1/2 day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome!



1/2 day Workshop: Travel Sketching Workshop

Saturday, January 2020 – 9 to 12 midday

with Carolyn Sheather

All Skill Levels Welcome!

After years of Sketching in Australia, Italy, France, the Greek Islands Europe and South America she will share her discoveries and help you understand techniques and material options.

You’ll get tips to quickly simplify and put down the first lines, get the larger shapes next or use anchor points to capture the subject

Techniques like:

  • How to Focus on one object with a little context rather than drawing the whole scene
  • Limit the Colour Palette and leave lots of white space
  • Working in stages, sketching over colour, or using water-soluble ink to create Tonal Values and get that extra looseness we all love will be explained and demonstrated









This Workshop is to help Traveller Sketchers find their way or help those wanting to further develop their skills and confidence. Step by step explanations, discussion and individual attention given.

Materials List:

A GOOD QUALITY Sketchbook is best!  A5 Stillman & Birn 150gsm is my beginners choice

  • Water Colour Paints (a Watercolour Travel Kit work best)
  • Water Colour brushes – Round size 6 &12& Flat size 10 (1/2”) or larger
  • An Aqua brush (water brush, the handle is filled with water)
  • Fine tipped Permanent Pen and a Drawing Pencil & Eraser
  • Optional – Water Colour Pencils (Artist quality, Faber-Castel Albrecht Durer) are a great add on to draw over or under other materials or on their own!

Essentials: Paper towel, Colour Wheel, test paper and be ready for fun!

As you observe and record, you learn to ’Extract the Essence’,

 to simplify the scenes, choose smart subject selections and 

 transform shapes and colours into sketches. “




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