wE r OpEn

Just checking in – we are Open, please come in.

We have Coronavirus Precautions in Place!

  • Maximum 4 people in store at a time – just wait in the entry and we will let you know if you can enter. if there are already several people in-store you will be asked to wait until they are finished
  • Door handles are cleaned (inside & outside) between customers
  • We request that you DO NOT TOUCH the art supplies or frames unless you intend to purchase them as the surfaces are not always able to be sanitised and paper/card, plastic and metal all hold onto the virus for between 24 and 72 hours. We are always happy to answer any questions!
  • Only ONE PERSON at the counter at a time – see the red crosses on the floor for the 1.5m mark
  • Our EFTPOS (preferred payment) machine has fresh glad wrap in case you need to put in a PIN

Our Team uses alcohol based hand sanitiser between Customers, doing regular full social hand washes throughout the day and are monitoring health